I really like Sellpen’s pantheon pieces. Check out his other Office Odyssey one too.


It had taken a ton of negotiations with the other pantheons, but we finally had an Accord. There weren’t many of those made these days. They governed how we were allowed to interact with the mortal realms. The gifts we could bestow, the miracles we could perform, that sort of thing. It had been Krishna’s idea, and that helped. People liked her. A while back, Loki had tried to get us on board for a secret cabal of lizard-people who ruled the world. No-one had gone for that. He did it anyway, of course, because Loki was a prick. Nobody liked him. If he’d suggested a universal chronometry, someone would have punched him. But it was Krishna. And the idea made sense. Why not have everyone in the world – all the mortal folk on the same page with something. Some of us wanted peace on earth, and you had…

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