You Can’t Stay Scared Forever

Let’s go for a walk, he says.

Where, I say?

Up to the hill, he says. We can see the view, he says. It’ll be just like old times.

I pull myself out of the chair and pull on my walking boots. I’d like it to be like old times. Too much has happened recently. It’s pulled people apart. The town’s quiet, fractious, strained. People don’t let their kids play out in the fields any more. No one walks up to Lover’s Leap. Even in this house, we’ve grown distant with each other. Maybe this could help make things feel normal again. You can’t stay scared forever.

Let’s go for a walk, I say.

Where, he says?

Up the hill, I say. We can see the view. It’ll be just like old times.

He pulls himself out of the chair and I feel the relief flood into my body. The pressure in my head eases. I think if he hadn’t agreed I would have snapped. I haven’t been able to sleep for the last three nights, my head full of shadows and fear thick in my nostrils. He pulls on his walking boots and I’m already out of the door and down the garden path. I need to get out of here, out of the stifle and the must, and walk the hills. I need to answer the call. You can’t stay scared forever.

Two more walk the hills today. I feel their boots in the dirt. I feel the jump of their young hearts, one strong and slow, one jittering, filled with adrenaline. This one has heard the call.

As they crest the hill, the one with purple shadows under his eyes spots me, and his shoulders relax. He smiles. Now that he has seen me, everything is clear.

The other stops like a startled rabbit running across a field. I can taste his fear on the breeze. This one might fight. The fear will cloud his mind. But he will succumb. You can’t stay scared forever.

Been a tough and busy few days, but I’m still chipping away at this. This was from Day 8 of #WritingAdvent, and the challenge was to tell a tale from three different perspectives, inspired by a picture. This is the one I worked from:


What did you think? Do you have a favourite story that shows different perspectives? Let me know in the comments below, and do link me in to anything you’re writing at the moment 🙂


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