Three Words


I don’t put it on the subject line.
That feels too blunt, too forward.
A hammer blow
A trumpet blast
Demanding response.
I write about my day,
share a joke
and then finish my email with


It’s such a little thing.
People say it all the time.
It’s cheap currency
in social niceties,
Hardly worth thinking about.
Except that it’s


It’s not a
‘You’re such a great friend’ I love you,
or a
‘Thanks for helping me out’ I love you,
or a
melodramatic, not-really-sincere I love you.
It’s a right down to my boots,
heart-achingly romantic,
stay up all night on the chance you might call I love you.
It’s a dreaming of your touch,
craving your lips,
definitely not platonic I love you.
It’s a love across time zones,
wider than oceans,
and I must be crazy because
we’ve never


I’ve never cared so much.
I’ve never felt so vulnerable.
We know each other so well
and not at all.

Reply soon,
reply soon,
and let me know
you feel the weight of those words –
that they thrill your heart like mine.
And then


Ok. It’s done. Happy Day 6 of Writers HQ’s #WritingAdvent. Our prompt was to get inspiration from the wonderful Humans of New York (check it out, you need this in your life.)

I really, really struggled with this. It felt like I was trying to rewrite already finished stories. Maybe these would make a good basis for a longer form story, but for short form – well, it feels like they’re already polished and great. Here’s the one that inspired me:


“We met five years ago in the comment section of our WordPress blogs. I was living in the Philippines. I randomly discovered his blog and commented on a post about how much he can eat in one sitting. Then it became one ongoing conversation for three years. We began our relationship on August 24th 2013– when I wrote ‘I love you’ in an email. We talked every day, but we didn’t even meet in person until two years later when he came to visit me in the Philippines. He proposed the very first day. We stopped working on our old blogs and created one together called Two Bees In A Blog.“

Onwards and upwards… Do let me know what you think below. And link me up to your own writing, always happy to read great fiction 🙂


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