Writing Prompt: Atmospheric

Daily Post‘s prompt for the day is Atmospheric. And I made a song!

You can listen to it here on UJAM, the awesome and totally free online music creator I used to make it. The lyrics are below.

She’s a clean, green goddess

Boundless and wild and free

She’s got so many places she wants to grow

So many constellations yet to see

She is as strong as a mountain and as soft as the breeze

And she moves like the waves on the sea

She dances with the waxing, waning moon

Yeah, she really means the world to me

But you pull her in close with your toxic lies

And pull down the smog clouds over her eyes

You take all you can and give nothing back

You say it’s love but looks to me like she is under attack

Yeah, you rain down your poison

And her dancing loses all its cheer

Time to leave the party and let her breathe

You’re killing the atmosphere

You’re killing her atmosphere


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